+35 perfect short sword with disintegration flares

Nice project small sword. Disintegration is an uncommon flare and works similar to the Sorcerer spell Disintegrate (705).

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Item: a perfect steel-hilted mithril short-sword
Enchant: +35
Weight: 3 lb
Difficulty: 201

It imparts a bonus of +35 more than usual.
It is forged by Shorthammer and has increased (+3) effectiveness in combat.
It has been infused with the power of a disintegrating substance.
It appears to weigh about 3 pounds.
It is estimated to be worth about 1,600,000 silvers.
It is predominantly crafted of mithril.
It may be enchanted up to a bonus of 35 by a wizard and was last enchanted by Askip.
It is an involved project (201 difficulty) for an adventurer to modify.


You analyze your mithril short-sword and sense that the item is free from merchant alteration restrictions.

You might be able to have a talented merchant lighten the mithril short-sword for you.

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