+40 standard issue eonake falchion

This is in my Landing shop, ping me in game for delivery options if you are not in Landing. In Landing you can “Go2 Wads”.

ivy-covered grey stone building
Map ID: 351

Item: a glaes-hilted eonake falchion
Enchant: +40
Weight: 4 lb
Difficulty: 160

It imparts a bonus of +40 more than usual.
It is a holy item.
It appears to weigh about 4 pounds.
It is estimated to be worth about 4,150,000 silvers.
It is predominantly crafted of eonake.
It is a basic project (160 difficulty) for an adventurer to modify.


You analyze your eonake falchion and sense that the item has certain alteration restrictions. It would need to be supplied to be used in an alteration and may only be used as an accent. This material cannot be dyed.

You might be able to have a talented merchant lighten the eonake falchion for you.

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